CAGE 0003L

Arsenal - Resita S.A.

Former Names for CAGE 0003L
No Details Listed


Address For CAGE 0003L
Arsenal - Resita S.A.

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Additional Data For CAGE 0003L
Status: A
Type: E

National Stock Numbers Related To CAGE 0003L  (3 listings)
FSG FSC NSN Part Number Name
10 1015 1015-39-000-0001 TUN A.T.TRACTAT MD.1977,CAL.100


  Alternate References: 1015-39-000-0001, 390000001

10 1020 1020-39-000-0002 TUN CAL.130 MM,TRACTAT MD.1982


  Alternate References: 1020-39-000-0002, 390000002

65 6515 6515-56-000-0001 FJHSDKGFSDJKF


  Alternate References: 6515-56-000-0001, 560000001

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