FSC 1955


Details For Federal Supply Class 1955

Includes Dredges, without Hull; Ocean-Going Dredges; Floating Dredges.

FSG 1955 - Dredges
Details For Federal Supply Group 19

Note-Only complete ships, small craft, floating docks, floating dry docks, and dredges (with or without hull) are classified in this group. End items, assemblies, parts, attachments or accessories for use in or on the above are classified in Group 20-Ship and Marine Equipment, unless other classes (outside of Group 19) are appliable.

National Stock Numbers In Federal Supply Class 1955  (9 listings)
NSNPart NumberCAGEName
1955-01-610-2598LS104240001417CAGE 01417


    Alternate References: 1955-01-610-2598, 016102598

1955-25-150-4351VDS428.100.70KB269CAGE KB269


    Alternate References: 1955-25-150-4351, 251504351

1955-00-531-6671E4710920280CAGE 20280



    Alternate References: 1955-00-531-6671, 005316671

1955-00-852-3899 CAGE



    Alternate References: 1955-00-852-3899, 008523899

1955-01-038-2376 CAGE



    Alternate References: 1955-01-038-2376, 010382376

1955-21-806-8083 CAGE



    Alternate References: 1955-21-806-8083, 218068083

1955-99-523-2647 CAGE



    Alternate References: 1955-99-523-2647, 995232647

1955-99-523-2648 CAGE



    Alternate References: 1955-99-523-2648, 995232648

1955-99-523-2649 CAGE



    Alternate References: 1955-99-523-2649, 995232649


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