FSC 6029

Fiber Optic Repeaters

Details For Federal Supply Class 6029

No Details For Federal Supply Class 6029

FSG 6029 - Fiber Optic Repeaters
Details For Federal Supply Group 60

Note- Fiber Optics is a general term used to describe the function where optical energy (i.e., light/laser driven rays) is guided to another location through fiber(s). This group includes Fiber Optic items such as parts, materials and devices used for communications, data transmission, or illumination, Excludes Imaging devices under FSG 65 (medical); hand tools under FSG 51; and electrical, electronic and optical instruments under FSG 66 (instruments).

National Stock Numbers In Federal Supply Class 6029  (8 listings)
NSN Part Number CAGE Name
6029-25-146-6844 CAGE


    Alternate References: 6029-25-146-6844, 251466844

6029-25-146-6845 CAGE


    Alternate References: 6029-25-146-6845, 251466845

6029-25-146-6846 CAGE


    Alternate References: 6029-25-146-6846, 251466846

6029-99-198-9192 FOAMP U7422 CAGE U7422


    Alternate References: 6029-99-198-9192, 991989192

6029-99-235-4225 9400820 K6111 CAGE K6111


    Alternate References: 6029-99-235-4225, 992354225

6029-99-244-3233 9200-9000-097 K1806 CAGE K1806


    Alternate References: 6029-99-244-3233, 992443233

6029-99-810-2201 1150-2 U5951 CAGE U5951


    Alternate References: 6029-99-810-2201, 998102201

6029-25-144-7914 CAGE


    CANCELLED - Replaced by 6030-01-407-5843

    Alternate References: 6029-25-144-7914, 251447914


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